Welcome to the Page for DataCube.

This is work in progress, as you can see from this Page, so please be a little patient.

DataCube is a utility to display any kind of data in a understandable manner. For this I tried to keep it interactive and intuitive. CUrrently this tool handles only cut, and grid data for the grasp antenae design software form TICRA but it is easily extendible.

My final goal is to use Qt/OpenGL for platform independency and a plugin interface combined with a graphical data-path construction set to be able to handle all different sorts of input fast and easy.

Download Version 0.5 Here (243 KBytes)
Download Demo - cuts Here (1595 KBytes)
Download Demo - big Grid Here (1500 KBytes)

Author: Varol Okan / Last Updated: August 12'th 2002