This Screenshot shows the CIA World Database set, drawn on a plain color (black). The Grid and the Town-Names are activated.
In the 3D View the satellite route can be seen in two ways at a time :
  1. Relative to the space
  2. Relative to the earths surface.
This Screenshot is showing the World Database View with a texturemap as Background (WDBBIG.BMP).
The Footprint is drawn, together with the Grid and the Towns.

In the 3D-View one can see the Occular-Reflection of the sun, and the ability of the program, to display the satellites in a user defined way (as defined in satelite.dat)
The satellite beam is displayed transparent.

This Screenshot displays a part of the Iridium-satellite system. Here you can see that the Footprints of this system are overlapping.
Each satellite in either 2D-View can have his own satellite icon.
The range of the footprint is restricted to the area the satellite can observe on the earth (ellipsoid) surface. In the 3D-View you can see why.
Also what you can't see here is that the program automatically follows one specified satellite in the WDB-View and the 3D-View.
This Screenshot shows the new Observer view. I tryed to make it as easy to handle as the other views. But you'll find a lot of opportunities to play with the given possibilities, like :
  • Hidden Line Removal
  • Hemi Sphere or full Sphere.
  • Display it just 2 dimensional.
  • Display the Icons / Satellite routes / Position / Satellite Name / Compass etc, etc etc.


Author: V. Okan / Last Updated: 03 March 2002