Version 2.41

BugFix release, released March 4'th 2003

Version 2.4

Released February 10'th 2003

Version 2.3

Released April 10'th 2001.
Okay that prety much wraps up my work on GPS.
Hey, wait a moment, don't run away. I am getting my hands dirty on Linux, Qt, and KDE. I started a new project, called LinSat, which, you guessed right will be a Linux port of GPS. This will however be a step by step port (First comes the OpenGL 3D-View, and then the2D-View) How much of the actual functionality I am going to port depends on my spare time.
If and when I'll then bring out another Windows version depends on the license agreements of QT from TROLL Tech..
Hey, moment, kein Grund wegzurennen. Ich bin gerade dabei mich etwas intensiver mit Linux, KDE und Qt zu beschaeftigen. Ich habe vor ein neues Projekt LinSat zu starten und nach und nach das komplette Paket zu konvertieren.
Ob es irgendwann auch davon eine Windows Version geben wird, dass haengt von den Lizenzbestimmungen von

Version 2.2

Released September, 14'th 1999

Version 2.1

Released May, 19'th 1998

Version 2.0

Released January, 4'th 1998

Version 1.3

This release was published the same week I came to Washington : June, 17'th 1997

Version 1.2

This release apeared around April 1997
  • Merged the English version and the German version into one program.
  • Stored the files no longer with ARJ compressed since some virus scanner went off with ARJ. Archive is now ZIP.

    Version 1.1

    Release apeared shortly after Release 1.0 (I had some spare time)

    Version 1.0

    First release on December, 23'rd 1997.

    Prof. Dipl. Ing. W. Söll
    64807 Dieburg

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