This is a FuN PaGe

Why this page ??? Well :
A friend of mine gave me a VFX1 cyber helmet and I also bought another one for 75 US$. So now I have two very nice virtual reality helmets but the software is rare. So I decided to program something I already had planned as part of my JABA project.

Unfortunately I am stuck because I can't find the time to get started on JABA, but I am pretty confident that I will be able to finish this one, I call it Cyber view.

Program description :

Follow up steps :
Date : Description
July 12 1999 After spending a month with DirectDraw, I found it is not able to fullfill what it promisses. I wasn't able to bring the refreshrate of the monitor down to VFX1'able 60 Hz. Rather my screen was speeding with 85Hz.
The DirecdDraw2::SetDisplayMode(DWORD dwWidth, DWORD dwHeight,DWORD dwBPP, DWORD dwRefreshRate, DWORD dwFlags);
is not working if I demand anything besides 0 Hz Refresh rate !

Solution : I decided to use the 16 bit-DOS interface. Maybe in a later lifetime I will try DirectX again. The new layout of the aplication looks as follows :
Windows Frame, with the GUI (User front - end) is calling the 16-bit DOS graphics driver for FVX1 display.

Since the VFX1 needs fullscreen anyway to display something, it shouldn't matter that the actual routine to display the picture is written for DOS. For the speed. The max resolution is 640*480*256. Nowadays computer should be more than enough to animate and display a picture int that resolution.

May 10 1999 Still working on the dynamic list for the language independand error text handling ...
May 09 1999 Worked on the CError class, to encapsulate error handling messages in a special language dependand file called 'english.err' or 'german.err' or 'french.err' or ... I think you got the idea ...
Also worked on the dynamic list classes : CDynList, CError, CErrorList, and CErrorTextList. They all work together to form a userfriendly dynamic lisgt class to generate tables on the fly.
May 06 1999 Included the Bitmap (BMP) file read functionality into the code. Next steps are PCX and cleaning up the code, before going to the TIFF format.
May 05 1999 Coded a testsuite for the grafix dll, I developed. From here on I can develop and play with the TIFF graphic coder. But first I have to debug the code since it didn't work from the very first start :(
May 04 1999 Updated HomePage, gave short introduction to the program goal and started collecting information about a modified TIFF format implementation.

Author: V. Okan Last updated : 06 May 1999