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linsat-0.1.10.tar.gz V0.2 Alpha 10 (03.June.2001)

Programcode very, very, very Alpha I said.

How to unpack :

  1. Create a new directory.
  2. Download the file into the new directory.
  3. UnGZip the file (gzip -d linsat-0.1.10.tar.gz).
  4. UnTar the file (tar -d linsat-0.1.10.tar).
How to build :
  1. Make sure you have Qt 2.3.0 installed properly.
  2. Change to the linsat directory and type ./configure.
  3. type make (or gmake).
  4. Done (hopefully)
The executable can now be found under the subdirectory linsat (i.e. the executable can be started by typing : 'linsat/linsat')

Varol Okan Last Updated: July, the 20st of 2001