Under Heavy Construction. But waiting is worth it !!!!

version 0.3
Planned release date end of June.

What is next:
o       Finish up the Export Dialog.
o       Finish up the Time Dialog.
o       Finish up the Satellite Data Dialog.
o       Work on the interface documentation.
o       Start the internationalization (German / English).
o       Continue the GPSView -> This is the main view.
o       Set up the installation routine.
        - Ask user which directory to install in and give a default :
o       Implement the Help buttons (QTextBrowser and HTML)
o       Start the user manual.
o       Implement the Observer - View.  -> This is the easy view
o       Implement the WDB - View.               -> This is the cool view
o       Implement the 3D - View.                -> This is the OpenGL playfield
o	Implement the sgp8 - sdp8 tracking routine.
o	Implement the real time tracking routine for eg. GPS receivers.
o	Implement the stored data tracking routine.
o       Remove the textures from the About Dialog template and load it dynamically.

version 0.2
Release date : June 3'rd 2001

Still no working version ... Sorry ...

Whats new:
o	Started the implementation of the GPSView (2D - View).
o	Included the General Dialog.
o	Finished the source documentation for the General Dialog.
o	Included the Texture Dialog.
o	Finished the source documentation for the Texture Dialog.
o	Continued working on the Export Dialog.
o	Started the source documentation for the Export Dialog.
o	Started the Time Dialog.
o	Included the ini - file. Load and Save works ok.
o	Improved the sgp4 - sdp4 routines. Cleaned up some more.

version 0.1
Release date : March 28'th 2001

What has been done so far :
o       Implemented the SGP4-SDP4 - satellite tracking algorithm.
o       Implemented the Export Dialog (Well halfway).
o       Implemented the directory hirachy for the installed program.
o       Implemented the about dialog (But of course !)

Version 0.0

Hello, welcome and have a great day.

So lets see, out of the list ToDo I have done so far ... Nothing ...

Okay what do you expect from version 0.0. I started tonight March 3'rd 2001

I have great plans, a lot of good ideas not time and a half empty coke bin.

Lets go ............

Author: Varol Okan Last Updated: July, the 20st> of 2001