Here are some screenshots as of version 0.2!

This is the 2D-View. I only implemented to load an image, nothing more.
You get however the idea how it will look like later on.
This is the export dialog. The functions are nearly all included. Only some small points are still missing, like save to a file or Enlarge, Browse time or Browse position.

The Moon-Tab is not even in GPS implemented yet. But in the final it will be in ...

This dialog is mostly implemented and only the lack of functionality outside the dialog is a problem (working on it though).
The texture dialog is finished in this layout style. Later on I would like toi give you a preview when you're browsing for the background images.
This here shows the Options menu and the style submenu. An add-on that was not in GPS since Windows MFC does not support for multiple styles.
The time dialog is imense and there is a lot of work still needed for it to work.
Fopr once the OpenGL previews will not work for quite some time. Also at this point all the dialog is doing is to show up. (well you gotta give me more spare time).
Okay same as for the time dialog. This one only shows its face and has nothing behind it. But if you really want to see it work under Linux ... Hmmm how about using wine and running GPS ???
The about dialog is showing me and my wife Nancy. Oh and in the background you can see the Grand Canyon during a blizzard. Speaking of bad view ...

Author: Varol Okan Last Updated: July, the 20st of 2001