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Satellite tracking with GPS 2.1
File Formats
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  • File formats and used data

    To get some more information about the used file formats follow simply the links. Data :

    1. NORAD2LINE format :
    2. NOVAS-C routines :
    3. Star catalog FK5 format :
    4. Star catalog IRS format :

    ASCII Formats :

    1. towndata (eg. smaltown.twn)
    2. satellite model (satelite.dat)
    3. satellite data (eg. gps.sat or iridium.tle)
    4. star cataloge FK5 format :
    5. star cataloge IRS format :

    Binmary formats :

    1. WDB-II data (eg. namer.bdy, namer.cil, namer.riv, namer.pby)
    2. star cataloge FK5-converted and compressed format :
    3. star cataloge IRS-converted and compressed format :

    Programspecific file structures are not explained here, since hardly someone should feel the need for reading the used color oder icon files. Those files have the are :

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