Nice Internetlinks ...

Okay, so you found me and you are wondering what else I got myself into ...

Current endeavours :

  1. This page is my main web presense. I am not making too many changes but it is nice to have it around.
  2. 'Q' DVD-Author : The most complete DVD authoring suit for Linux. Over three years in the making and still takes up parts of my spare time.
  3. AstraNOS : To become the best open source web OS. Ad Astra my friend, ad astra...

Some projects pages I started (but never finished) :

  1. Music : Small but neat plugin for browser.
  2. Fun stuff : That was my try to program for the VR1 Helmet. Unfortunately my computer does no longer have ISA slots :(
  3. JABA : Just Another Boring Animator. Was meant to be the next major project afterr GPS. Well ...

HomePages I did so far :

  1. GPS (this page) :
  2. Andreas and Petra's Wedding HomePage :
  3. Washington DC Shotokan Karate Club HomePage : (this has been taken over by Sensei Jenny)
  4. K3Studio 2'nd HomePage:

Family bonds :

  1. This is the HomePage for our little family. Generated and maintained by Nancy

The coolest I found recently (Outdated)


Ray Tracing / Rayshading / Radiosity

  1. Pov - Ray Tracer (PovRay rules ...)
  2. General Ray tracer Links
  3. Internet Raytracing Competition
  4. Modeller and Util Links
  5. Okay it is expensive but kick's ass : 3D Studio Max 4

Graphics :

  1. Grafix File Formats Specifications for the most important 2D - 3D Formats
  2. The GIMP and WinGIMP
  3. Image DLL's and more, neat stuff for a programmer ...
  4. Computer Graphics from David Camp (nice)
  5. Real nice one from Gilles Tran (and all done with PovRay and other free-, shareware - programms)

Sound :

  1. A cool Program, Plugin and Editor for MOD files ... Mod's for HTML YEAH ...

Star Treck Resources :

  1. UFP - Terminal
  2. Holodeck 3

Everything about the solar system :

  1. Nine Planets

Martial arts Dojos where I'm training / I've trained :

  1. Washington DC Shotokan Karate Dojo -> Mail
  2. Arlington YMCA Ju-Jitsu Dojo -> Mail
  3. Virginia Kodenkan Ju-Jitsu -> Mail
  1. Club d'Arts Martiaux de l'Ecole Centrale de Lille -- Offline :(
  2. Shotokan KaraTe club Kelkheim (Germany) -> Mail
  3. Shinjitsu-Jiu-Jitsu with Sensei Joe Carslake (Ireland-Dublin)
  4. Kenjukate (Germany-Dieburg)-> Mail

People I Know :

  1. Roberto Flores -> Mail
  2. Emiko Carlin (profesional musician in NYC check her out) -> Mail
  3. Holger Frink -> Mail
  1. Bruce Brockmann -> Mail
  2. Uli BaehrMail

Author: V. Okan / Last Updated: March 26'th 2007