About me :

Name : Varol Okan
Age : 37
Address : Oak Hill, 20171
Home Tel.: (703) 689-9954
Cell.: (703) 581-5066
eMail : Varol Okan
HomePage : http://www.MovingSatellites.com

Hobby's : Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Computer, Programming, Travel, Music
Interest's : Computer graphic, Languages, Piano

Yeah, what is there to say about me. I'm a big fan of computer graphix. I Love to see computer animations, and I like to play with OpenGL and POV Ray. Even though I have nothing to present here. Its just a matter of time I think, and time is what I miss.

I went to college in Germany (FH-Dieburg), where I started GPS as my final project (Diplomawork). During this time I was also working for the ZGDV (Zentrum für Grafische DatenVerarbeitung) in Darmstadt, where we developed a VRML viewer, using OpenGL.

Then after I graduated in January 1997, I came to Washington DC, where I started to work for Intelsat until November 2000.
After a four year stint in Toulouse, working on the IS-X satellite for Intelsat, at EADS Astrium I came back to Washington in August 2004 and finally left the company in December of 2004.

My job there has offered me a wide variety of tasks.

My spare time (if I have some) is filled with my son, my wife, programming, relaxing, KaraTe, jogging, reading and dreaming.

Things I would like to do in the future are :

Things I am currently working on :

My current resume can be found Here.

Kelkheim :

My Hometown in the midst of Germany. Lots of nice hills, forst and a beautiful public pool.

Dieburg :

The town of my college. I spent the last five year in Germany there. You'll find a lot of trees and friends. FH-Dieburg is now part of FH-Darmstadt.

Washington DC :

Yep, this is the capitol city with a huge Nightlife and a lot of museums.

Current Employer :

I am currently working as a Software developer for iDirect. This is a cool job with cool tasks to work on. Development is done in C++ for Linux/WindowsXP.

Author: V. Okan / Last Updated: Sep 9th 2005